European Mobility Week is celebrated every year since 2002, between 16th and 22nd of September to encourage public authorities around the world to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly transport measures, to raise public awareness and to encourage local people to use clean, environmentally friendly transportation methods by giving up their daily habits. The week was celebrated with the participation of 2526 cities from 50 countries this year. During the week, the Transportation Department of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organized several activities related to this year's "Clean, Shared and Smart Mobility" theme.

Bicycle Training for adults was organized at IMM’s Topkapı Traffic Education Park with the cooperation of Istanbul Bicycle Association on Thursday, September 21st, to encourage active use of bicycle by adults in urban transportation and to provide basic information on bicycle use. The General Secretary of the Istanbul Bicycle Association gave training on cycling to adults. Adults were provided fundamental technical information about bicycle use; then informed about the issues that need to be considered during bicycle use. Cycling training ended by demonstrating how to use bicycle. 

After the training, Murat Kazanasmaz who is the Head of Istanbul Bicycle Association and IMM’s Deputy Traffic Manager Esma Dilek gave interviews to Istanbul 1 TV and provided information about the importance of bicycle use which is a clean, healthy transport means for urban transportation and the activities organized during the week.