Within the scope of European Mobility Week activities organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), on September 16th, 2017, "A Technical Trip to A Metro Worksite" was organized with the participation of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Civil Engineering Faculty academics and students.

At 10:00am on Saturday morning, with the participation of academics, students and citizens who applied IMM to participate the site visit, participants travelled to Fulya metro worksite of Kabataş-Mahmutbey Subway Line from the Istanbul Technical University’s Faculty of Civil Engineering building by using the bus dedicated for the trip. At Fulya Station, the project specialists provided brief information about the subway line and the technical details.

Following the briefing about metro route, technical details and work safety directives given at Fulya worksite, students and academics travelled to Beşiktaş metro worksite to investigate and obtain detailed information about Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), which is used to open tunnels on the construction site. Beşiktaş metro worksite was specifically chosen by IMM and academics so that participants could benefit from the provided information about TBM in their professional careers and which would awaken participants’ interest.

Detailed information about the TBM machine used in the construction of the subway was given by the project engineers to the technical tour participants entering the excavation area at Beşiktaş metro worksite in two groups.

After the end of the technical tour at the excavation site, participants returned to Fulya metro worksite and had lunch together. The technical trip, which students and academics stated their satisfaction and expressed that they had comprehensive experience at metro worksite, was finalized by dropping off participants to the ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering.