"European Mobility Week" is celebrated each year between 16th and 22nd of September since 2002. It encourages the restriction of motorized vehicles in traffic in European cities and raises awareness about use of public transport vehicles and sustainable mobility alternatives. This year it was celebrated  in 50 countries and in 2510 participating cities. During the week, cities organized several activities related to this year’s theme which is "Clean, Shared and Smart Mobility". 

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organized many activities during the European Mobility Week under the leadership of the Transportation Department for the first time this year and pioneered the effective celebration of the week in Istanbul and created awareness. The last events were held on Friday, September 22nd, which is celebrated all over the world as "Car-Free Day".

Managers and and staff of Transportation Department came to work by bicycle on Car-Free Day. Mükremin Kara who is Transportation Coordination Manager of IMM, IMM’s Traffic Manager Hamit Polat,  Abdullah Memiş and Murat Erbuğ who are Deputy Transportation Coordination Managers  and  Transportation Department staff came to IMM Bakırköy Premises by bicycles in the morning. IMM managers and staff  who came to work by bicycle were awarded by Transportation Department with breakfast.
Coastal road between Kartal and İdealtepe was closed to motorized vehicles in the direction of İdealtepe and was allocated to pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation vehicles on Car-Free Day between 06:00am and 08:00pm. A Bicycle Tour was organized by IMM Transportation Department on Car-Free Day at 2:00pm to encourage the use of cycling which is a healthy, clean, environmentally friendly mode of transport between Kartal and İdealtepe. IMM Managers shared an electric car on Car-Free Day and came to Kartal IDO Pier, where the bicycle tour started and then they joined the bicycle tour. The bicycle tour which started in front of Kartal İDO Pier continued in the direction of İdealtepe along the coastal road and ended again in front of Kartal İDO Pier by returning from İdealtepe Junction.

On Saturday, September 22nd, after the approval of the city council, all public transportation vehicles applied 50% discount in fares between 06:00am and 08:00pm to encourage citizens to leave their private vehicles on Car Free Day.

The European Mobility Week concluded with activities of IMM Transportation Department carried out in Istanbul as it is celebrated in 50 participating countries. The activities organized during the mobility week contributed to inform public about "sustainable, clean and environment-friendly transportation options" offered by IMM in Istanbul and created awareness.

Please click here for the "European Mobility Week" event details organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.