European Mobility Week is celebrated every year since 2002, between 16th and 22nd of September to encourage public authorities around the world to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly transport measures, to raise public awareness and to encourage local people to use clean, environmentally friendly transportation methods by giving up their habits. Local authorities organize a bunch of activities during European Mobility Week such as restricting motorized traffic in their city centers, encouraging the use of sustainable mobility types and raising awareness about the environmental impacts of widespread transportation preferences of citizens.

Since its launch in 2002, the effects of the European Mobility Week has continued to steadily increase both in Europe and worldwide. In 2021, 1900 51 countries joined the European Mobility Week campaign and organized their own activities. Participating cities informed the public about mobility management, improvements and infrastructural arrangements for accessibility and bicycle use, and pioneered them by implementing necessary measures. The most outstanding day of the European Mobility Week is the event of “Car FreeDay”, in which the participating cities allocate some areas all day only for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport vehicles.

European Mobility Week focuses on a different theme about sustainable mobility each year and “Move Sustainably. Stay Healthy” theme is chosen for 2021. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has carried out the following activities within the scope of the European Mobility Week celebrations;

All Week

  • Continuation of bicycle school trainings during the week
  • Advertisement of P+R points with bicycle stations during the week (at 13 points)
  • Implementation of ISBIKE Bike Sharing System with 50% discount during the EMW week
  • Free tea or coffee opportunity for all people who have completed 10 thousand steps a day during the week during their visit to the Karaköy, Eminönü and Kadıköy branches of the Istanbul Bookstore
  • Giving tickets to one of our events that will take place in October for the first 10 people who took 360 thousand steps in September
  • Applying 20% discount to citizens who come to “Istanbul Kitapçısı”“Hediyem Istanbul” stores and “Kültür AŞ” museums with their bicycles because of encourage the use of bicycles for a sustainable and healthy life
  • Giving metrotram tickets who use the tram and metro P+R areas


16 September

  • Start of IMM September Sports Festival
  • Application of a mobile pedestrian stop consisting of simple parts that can be transported by vehicle or bicycle trailer and installed in the field.
  • Application deadline for the "Sustainable Transportation Technologies Idea and Design Competition"
  • Application acceptance period starting September 16, 2021 for the “Data Driven Mobility Hackathon”
  • First aid training at Üsküdar pier


17 September

  • EMW Walk in the Historic Peninsula with Mayor of IMM and EU Ambassador
  • Morning sports with the Directorate of Hospice
  • “Mobile Cleaning Control”
    • First Cleaning Team: Eminönü Square - Galata Bridge - Karaköy Azapkapı Park Area
    • Second Cleaning Team: Eminönü Square - Haliç Metro Bridge - Karaköy Azapkapı Park Area
  • Avcılar Municipality European Mobility Week Walking

18 September

  • Cycling tour in Maltepe Orhangazi City Park with Cycling School graduates
  • Carrying out a coastal cleaning event with bicycles on Caddebostan Coast between 09:30 and 12:00, under the leadership of İSTAÇ employees, with the participation of our employees' families and volunteers.
  • World Cleanup Day Activities
  • Alternative & Innovative Urban Mobility: Marine Transportation Panel

19 September

  • Add Awareness to the Movement” event by İSMEK Employees at Orhangazi City Park
  • 2. First aid training in Kabataş Pier
  • 3. Sports with the Directorate of Hospice

20 September

  • Historical peninsula tour with Yenikapı İSBİKE Cycling school trainers and managers
  • Ulu Gazi Wrestling Events

21 September

  • Exercise & Sports using theraband with the Directorate of Hospice
  • First aid training in Beşiktaş Pier

22 September

  • Closing Abdi İpekçi Street and organizing events on the street as part of Car Free Day
  • Organizing jenga, hoop and bowling competitions on the carpet field with the Directorate of Hospice
  • Esports workshop
  • First aid training in Abdi İpekci Street, Nişantaşı