European Mobility Week is celebrated every year since 2002, between 16th and 22nd of September to encourage public authorities around the world to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly transport measures, to raise public awareness and to encourage local people to use clean, environmentally friendly transportation methods by giving up their habits.Local authorities organize a bunch of activities during European Mobility Week such as restricting motorized traffic in their city centers, encouraging the use of sustainable mobility types and raising awareness about the environmental impacts of widespread transportation preferences of citizens.

Since its launch in 2002, the effects of the European Mobility Week has continued to steadily increase both in Europe and worldwide. In 2015, 1900 cities in 45 countries joined the European Mobility Week campaign and organized their own activities.Participating cities informed the public about mobility management, improvements and infrastructural arrangements for accessibility and bicycle use, and pioneered them by implementing necessary measures. The most outstanding day of the European Mobility Week is the event of “Car FreeDay”, in which the participating cities allocate some areas all day only for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport vehicles.

European Mobility Week focuses on a different theme about sustainable mobility each year and “Clean, Shared and Intelligent Mobility” theme is chosen for 2017. The following activities are planned to be held by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality(IMM) within the scope of the European Mobility Week celebrations.

All details about the mobility week events can be accessed via our web sites (MobilityWeek) and you can follow us using our social media accounts. (Twitter, Instagram)

♦ Organizing promotional activities and informing public via IMM’s Social Media Accounts, Variable Message Systems, Web Sites, Mobile Apps, Interactive Voice Response System, advertisement boards on the overpasses and other media during the European Mobility Week,

♦ Within the scope of “Car FreeDay”;

  • Closing Kartal-Bostancı Coastal Road to private vehicle traffic between 06:00am and                                       08:00pm within the scope of “Car FreeDay”,
  • IMM high-ranking officials coming to work by electric cars,
  • IMM’s officials coming to work by bicycles, by public transport and on foot,
  • Applying 50% discount on public transport between 06:00am and 08:00pm.

♦Organising a Bicycle Tour between Yenikapı and Bostancı in cooperation with Istanbul Bicycle Association to raise awareness; and after that informing public about permanent, environmental-friendly and sustainable transportation solutions, which are offered by IMM, at Conference to be held at Istanbul Bicycle Association Building to press/broadcast organizations,

♦ Screening "Bikes vs Cars" movie at 03:00 pm on Sunday 17.09.2017 after the bicycle tour,

♦ Measurement and comparison of air quality and noise level on Ordu Street on a day when the street is open to motorized vehicles and on Sunday when it is allocated to pedestrians and cyclists and uncovering the benefits of the pedestrianization project by reporting,

♦Transport of official documents by bicycle between Istanbul Metropolitan Munipality’s service buildings(Cargo Bikes),

♦Invitation of academics and college students into a metro construction area to inform about Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s ongoing railway system projects,

♦Organizing a training programme for cyclists (including children and adults) at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Topkapi Traffic Education Park in cooperation with Istanbul Bicycle Association,

♦ Organizing a sport event including cycling together with public at a Sports Center after the end of a business day,

♦ Screening "Human Scale" movie at 11.45 am on Thursday 21.09.2017 after the discussion about "Clean, Shared and Intelligent Mobility",

♦ Providing parking space in the nearest parking lots to the entrances of municipality’s buildings to those staff who share their cars with other staff.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will apply for European Mobility Week 2017 “Gold Participant Award” after all these activities are held in Istanbul. As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we invite you to participate into our European Mobility Week activities.